Groovv Restaurant POS Programs

POS cash register programs are effective payment processing solutions replacing traditional payment systems. Suitable for small and local businesses! Why Groovv is Great for Restaurants:
› Table Management Color-coded table status and optional seat position functions help your servers delight your guests

› Item Modification Up to 3 levels of item modifiers in support of your menu, including a“no” option

› Split Tickets Makes it simple for servers to split tickets by selection, by guest or evenly

› Tipping Pre-authorization tipping at the table

Restaurant Features
› Table Management – color-code table status – identify seat position –
recognize orders for takeout/delivery
› Item Modifiers
› Split Tickets
› “Fire” Options to Kitchen*
› Server Login
› Guest Notes Capability
› Takeout and Delivery Support
› Line Item and Subtotal Discounts
To find out more about Groovv Register or  call (866) 223-0190
Set up your system and start taking payments in less time than it takes to grab
a cup of coffee.
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setup video or go to the Groovv Channel
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› Customizable Menu Screen Using Photos and Text
› Complete Back Office
› Low Cost, High Performance
› Unlimited Number of Items
› 4 Tax Rates
› Customer Management Database for Customer Insight – easily track
customer history and buying patterns
› Email Receipts
› Integrated Credit Card Processing
› Open Cash Drawer (operated from receipt printer)
Other Groovv Features
*requires the purchase of a compatible kitchen printer – please go to to find options

POS Cash Register Programs