Groovv POS FAQ

How do I buy Groovv?
To get started with Groovv, please call 1-866-223-0190 to talk with a representative who can help you choose the right options for your business.
How much does Groovv cost?
Groovv is affordable, but product pricing does vary based on the hardware and software components you use. Give us a call at -1-866-223-0190 and we’ll help you with pricing.
Can I use Groovv Register, Groovv Offers or Groovv Payments individually?
To use Groovv products you must be signed up for payment processing services. Groovv Register and Groovv Offers can be used independently of each other.
Can I use Groovv with an iPad?
Groovv’s web-based features are accessible from any web browser, including Safari for iOS. Groovv Register is currently available for Android devices only.
How does Groovv Register compare to other POS systems?
It compares very, very favorably. We encourage you to do your homework. You’ll find that no other product matches Groovv’s combination of powerfully simple sales and marketing features, affordable pricing, total support and commitment to your growth and success.